For Antonio Ruz, dance should not be limited to a conventional stage space, but should dialogue with the architecture and energy of other places, allowing other audiences to discover and access it. 


The interaction with architectural elements, light and sound alter and enrich the perception of a place not yet inhabited by movement. In contrast or in tune with this unconventional space, singular universes are created and possibilities of dialogue between body and space, individual and group, tradition and modernity are explored, offering an original show.

With improvisation as a base, dance and Ruz's composition, 'Recreo.03' generates an intimate dialogue with the architecture and physiognomy of the unconventional space where it is performed, in the form of a site-specific. Light, sound, space and movement are the conceptual axes of this versatile, adaptable and attractive proposal for a diverse audience.

Choreography and stage direction 
Antonio Ruz

Dance and artistic colaboration
Melania Olcina, Begoña Quiñones, Carmen Fumero, Alicia Narejos, Miguel Zomas, Julián Lázaro, José Alarcón, Álvaro Olmedo


Paola Villegas, Gabriel Blanco – Spectare

Valeria Cosi – Tina Agency

María Alperi