The third in a series of choreographic pieces that the Compañía Antonio Ruz proposes to be shown in non-conventional spaces, 'Recreo.03', will be premiered next Sunday 29 May, in the Patio Central of Condeduque, at 19:00 h, as part of the Festival En Movimiento, that this space dedicates to non-conventional creation.

Antonio Ruz premieres 'Recreo.03' as part of the Festival En Movimiento, in Condeduque, Madrid
Antonio Ruz premieres 'Recreo.03' as part of the Festival En Movimiento, in Condeduque, Madrid

Preceded by the first version, 'Recreo.01' (2010), during La noche de los Teatros, in Plaza de Santa Ana (Madrid) and 'Recreo.02' (2015), the inaugural show for the new Colegio Alemán de Madrid; 'Recreo.03' gives continuity to this series that fulfils the purpose of taking dance out of the stage box and forgetting frontality, offering other creative possibilities.

Once again, Ruz puts into practice his experience in this field of "site specific" as a dancer and assistant in projects of the Berlin-based company Sasha Waltz & Guests such as 'Dialoge 09 Neues Museum' (2009), 'Dialoge Maxxi' (2010) or 'Figure Humaine' (2017), and already as an independent choreographer, creating the live dance and music show 'Chagall Konzerte' (2018), in the reformist Fraumünster Church in Zurich or his recent film AÚN, inhabiting the spaces of the Círculo de Bellas Artes building in Madrid.

With improvisation as a base, dance ando Ruz's composition, 'Recreo.03' will generate an intimate dialogue with the architecture and physiognomy of the place, changing the perception of the choreographic event in a close and three-dimensional context. Light, sound, space and movement will be the conceptual axes of the proposal.

Direction and choreography: Antonio Ruz
Interpretation and choreographic collaboration: Melania Olcina, Begoña Quiñones, Carmen Fumero, Alicia Narejos, Miguel Zomas, Julián Lázaro, José Alarcón, Álvaro Olmedo
Music: Aire 
Stylist: Esther Fiol
Production: Paola Villegas, Gabriel Blanco - Spectare
Distribution: Valeria Cosi - Tina Agency
With the support of Centro Cultural Sanchinarro

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