With 20 of the best dancers from Madrid's independent scene and electronic music by Aire, SOLAZ is presented as a community and ephemeral open-air event, especially conceived for the Plaza Matadero space, on 27 April, at 8pm, to celebrate International Dance Day.

Antonio Ruz premieres 'SOLAZ'. A piece created for Matadero Madrid and its programme Danzadero 2024

In addition to the rigour and effort required by the discipline of dance, there is a peculiarity in the art of movement and that is the pleasure or relief of both the practitioner and the observer. This project celebrates dance as a play of the body, where improvisation, composition and live creation become powerful channels of expression and reflection. With 20 of the best performers from Madrid's independent dance scene and live electronic music by Aire, Solaz is presented as a community and ephemeral open-air act created ad hoc for the Plaza Matadero space and its Danzadero 2024. 

Direction and choreography 
Antonio Ruz 
Dance and choreographic collaboration 
Lucía Montes, Mado Dallery, Carmen Fumero, Alicia Narejos, Elia López, Begoña Quiñones, Verónica Garzón, Isabela Rossi, Teresa Álvarez, Bea de Paz, José Alarcón, Manuel Martín, Miguel Zomas, David Vilarinyo, Julián Lázaro, Carlos Carvento, Gonzalo Alonso, José Kino Luque, Dani Fernández, Angie Bustos. 
Live music Aire 
Styling Sebas Hotmail 
Production Paola Villegas, Gabriel Blanco – Spectare Producción Creativa 
Management Valeria Cosi – Tina Agency